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No return of vulnerable groups to Ethiopia

The petition is closed. Norwegian authorities did not forcibly return any Ethiopians after signing a return agreement with Ethiopia in March 2012.

Norwegian authorities have recently signed a return agreement with Ethiopia, which entails that Ethiopians who have had their asylum application rejected can be forcibly returned to Ethiopia, as from March 15.

Skrevet av: Beate Ekeløve-Slydal
PUBLISERT: 15. mars 2012, KL. 13:44 -
SIST OPPDATERT: 16. juli 2013, KL. 15:45
Many of the people in question are families who have been in Norway for years.

Several of the rejected Ethiopians may be associated with political parties that back in Ethiopia it involves a risk of persecution to be associated with.
Norwegian authorities have the responsibility to ensure that no human being is sent back to torture or other serious human rights violations.

Amnesty International therefore calls upon the Norwegian authorities to show great caution before returning particularly vulnerable groups.
This includes persons who are members of, have participated in, or are associated with Ginbot 7, Oromo Liberation Front and Ogaden National Liberation Front, but not exclusively to these parties because there are a handful of small political parties in Ethiopia that it may involve a risk of persecution to be associated with.

Amnesty International does not in principle oppose all returns of rejected asylum seekers to Ethiopia, but the increased persecution and atrocities that have taken place in Ethiopia during the past twelve months should contribute to great caution from the Norwegian authorities with regards to whom they forcibly return to Ethiopia.

Amnesty calls upon the Norwegian authorities to:
  • reconsider the need for protection of those Ethiopians who belong to particularly vulnerable groups.
  • provide permanent residence permits to families with children who have stayed long term in Norway, and where the children through kindergarten and/or school have developed a strong affiliation to Norway.

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